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What Members Are Saying About FSD 

“My favorite feature that FSD offers is the internship search engine, in which you can enter the type of internship you are looking for and region you want it to be located in, and the site generates a list to browse from.”


"I have always been intimidated by the process of finding my first job, but FSD has made it so straightforward that I have the resources and the confidence to apply for virtually any role. Now, I can see exactly what an open position requires and get certified for it without leaving the site."

“This platform features information to me in a centralized location, allowing me to not only find the opportunities available, but also be able to educate myself on what the role and subsequent career path actually entails."



Team Member Testimonials 

Abby Burke, Orlando FL

"Working with FSD has given me the opportunity to not only discover my own strengths to discover what I want my future to look like, but also to help others do the same. The interactive and diverse community at FSD models the ideal company culture, and has motivated me to be a part of the future of career development for the next generation."


Kaley Buchanan, Hershey PA

"I decided to intern at FSD because of the endless opportunities it provided. I was attracted to the fast pace environment of a startup but more importantly, I loved the mission behind FSD and feeling as though my work was making a difference in the world."

Caroline Custis, Atlanta GA

“I was drawn to FSD by their mission of fostering an inclusive community of students exploring their future careers. The site provides so many avenues for students to explore different options and answers to questions they may be having on their personal journey towards the right path for them.”


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